Northern Michigan in Focus: Worm Moon

This last weekend was one for the books.

Perfect weather had most people outside enjoying that big glowing ball in the sky, also known as the moon.

Corey Adkins explains in this week’s Northern Michigan in Focus.

If you were by a window or looked east this weekend, you saw it.

“The March moon is something that has been viewed with a great deal of favor by a lot of people dating back hundreds of years, because it’s the beginning of spring,” explained John Russell, Great Lakes Images.

But this full moon was just a bit different than others. There are some who call this the ‘worm moon.’

“As the Earth rotates around its axis on our yearly trip around the sun, in the spring we’re getting to the point where the grass is getting warmer and the Earth is getting warmer, because the sun is higher in the sky. So as the temperatures warm, earthworms get more active and the birds will arrive because they are coming north and they will have food to feed on,” said John.

You can see and hear it, the red wing black birds and grackles are back.

“It seems like everything is coming more alive,” said John. “Everybody is anxious for the warmth.”

Even our cat Cersei is ready. She listens. The spring birds are coming home and she’s ready for the hunt, but a weed will have to do for now.

Leaves from 2017 are patiently waiting to fall and be replaced.

The snow and ice slowly melting, filling creeks, rivers and watersheds, then night comes again and another chance to see the worm moon.

“You could see this thing peeking over the horizon, and it was massive and it was very orange and squashed,” explained John. “It was so bright, I think you could read a book off of it.”

It’s orange and squashed for a reason. John, who is a veteran photojournalist, shot this picture.

“When it comes up squashed like that, that’s actually a reflection of the light coming through the atmosphere. If you watch that change, that’s actually the moon appearing,” explained John. “That’s really odd trying to explain that to people who don’t understand physics or atmospheric conditions, but it’s quite striking to watch it.”

But just as we think we saw the light at the end of the tunnel, Mother Nature shows us who’s really in charge.

“I heard there was some snow arriving. I expect two storms between now and Easter. People say ‘What are you being negative?’ and I said no, that’s just Northern Michigan,” said John.

It’s part of the reason we live here!

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