Fuel Up To Play 60 Changing Lifestyles Or Northern Michigan Students

Northern Michigan students are getting a hands-on chance to learn how living a healthy lifestyle will benefit them in the long run.

Exercising and healthy eating isn’t always the most exciting for kids — but Fuel Up To Play 60 is working to change that.

“We play 60 minutes a day to get your body healthy and moving so when you grow up you can be strong and it will make your body in better shape,” said fifth grade fuel up to play 60 team member, Journey Freitas.

Picking up new ways to lead a healthier lifestyle.

The two components are students learning to fuel their bodies properly — so they can use that fuel to be active for 60 minutes each day.

“So you can get more energy out a lot of people like to out to soccer and move a lot so we are trying to get more people to do it so they can be fit and healthy,” said Chassidy Donelson, a fifth grade fuel up to play 60 team member.

Right now — the Fuel Up To Play 60 theme is Winter Olympics with different classes representing different countries.

“The Winter Olympics is not like the real one,” laughed Journey. “The Blair Winter Olympics is basically like we have little games in between the day to make sure we are moving each day of the week and we try to encourage other kids to do it.”

Including a little friendly competition.

Fuel Up To Play 60 was launched by the National Dairy Council and the NFL — which meant a day at ford field training with lions coaches and players.

Each of these experiences shaping bodies and minds.

Each lesson is taught by a fuel up to play 60 student team.

“One of my favorite things are that it a student led so it’s the kids who are making a fusions the kids who the leaders teaching the kids how to lead healthier lifestyles,” said Caitlin Lorenc from MSU Extension.

“The leadership role for our kids has been awesome we have teams where the students started off pretty nervous to go in front of everyone and the growth they’ve had is just great,” said their fifth grade teacher, Sam Walters.

Changes visible inside the classroom…

“It’s a nice break to help students get out of their seats because I am pretty sure students get bored sitting in their seats all day,” he said.

And outside the classroom

“We see a lot more movement going on at recess times a couple tastings we’ve done I the cafeteria we’ve seen students make some different choices starting to choose some of those fruits and vegetables,” said Walters.

For more information about the national program, click here.

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