Oklahoma! Takes Center Stage At Cadillac High School

Northern Michigan is getting a taste of history this weekend as Cadillac High School presents the musical – Oklahoma!

Cadillac High School has put on Legally Blonde, Elton John, Fiddler On The Roof and more …. But Oklahoma! has had seniors on the edge of their seats for years.

“Really just the oooook-lahoma!,” said Amber Smith, a freshman playing Andrea Carnes.

That was the only lyric she knew when she first found out Cadillac High School’s March musical would be Oklahoma!

After four months of practice — she’s got it down.

“Ooooook-lahoma! Where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain,” she sang.

Others have been highly anticipating this show for years.

“I  kept complaining to Mrs. Adams that I wanna do Oklahoma! this year, I have been complainin’ about it for three years like lets’ do Oklahoma! and they were like oh it’s Oklahoma! So I ran out to auditions and here I am dressed as a cowboy,” said Kendra Day, a senior playing Ike Skidmore.

A cowboy alongside 28 other cast members and 6 crew members to make the story come to life.

“It’s about a young woman living in Oklahoma, she’s kinda sassy, kinda likes this guy named Curly but doesn’t wanna let on, there’s this other guy named Jud who she doesn’t like but she pretends to like per Curly because women do that I guess,” laughed Kendra Jakobus, a senior playing Laurey Williams.

Some love triangles — some fights — and something totally new for Cadillac High School — a ballet.

“It’s like you’re having a scary dream in the middle of a show but our main character, Laurey, trying to decide who’s she’s going to go to the box social with — the guy she’s in love with or the guy who’s creepy and she’s afraid of and it all comes out and the curtain drops,” said Bridget Coffey, the choreographer.

Behind that curtain — even behind every punch — everyone has become close friends.

“Everyone gets to interact a lot more too in past productions I have done there have been the leads then everyone else but in this there’s just everyone together it’s a really loving environment that everyone gets to have fun in,” said Smith.

Drawing inspiration from each other … And the audience…

“I like the energy the audience gives off and also I really do enjoy doing it for just me I don’t do it so my parents can come or so people comes see me,” said Day.

Even from within themselves…

“Definitely helped me a lot like I coming in as a freshman was really scared, really quiet, and this definitely helped me open up and opened me up to trying more things,” said Jakobus. “I love to be on stage and working with everyone together it’s so cool to be a part of something bigger than yourself to come together with all these people and put on a show its just really fun.”

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