CMU Students Make Heartfelt Gesture to Campbell Hall

Amid everything that happened, a group of CMU students are making a heartfelt gift to some of the people who were right in the middle of this tragedy.

As the search for James Davis Jr. dragged into Friday night a group of CMU students and two of their other friends decided to collect money to buy coffee and doughnuts for the law enforcement that spent hours working that day.

“I was hearing the helicopters just circling the area all night I’m like, they’ve been doing this since 9 a.m. and that must be a really long day, and I thought that would be something really nice to do in the morning,” said Gerald Eipperle.

A GoFundMe page collected more than $500 by morning.

But the coffee and doughnuts had already been donated.

“We had no idea we’d reach the goal. We thought maybe we’d reach $2-300 and have $80 left over to give to Campbell Hall, but when we had $500 we were like oh wow,” said  Alec Kownacki.

The group decided to donate all the money to the Campbell Hall Council.

“Going back after spring break, the mood in the hall is going to be kind of weird and kind of down, so we just figured give money to the R.A’s so they can do a party, pizza party, just to get the mood and the morale back up in the hall,” said Kownacki.

They’re hoping this small gesture can show those living in Capmbell Hall how much everyone at CMU cares for them.

“I hope they don’t feel like they’re alone or that they don’t feel negatively impacted by the event. I just hope they realize there is hope and support, and there are people who are there to help them through whatever might be going through what they’re going through,” said Eipperle.

To donate, click here.

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