Students Describe ‘Terrifying’ Morning Following Deadly Shooting at CMU

SWAT teams are on a manhunt in Mount Pleasant.

They’re searching for the man suspected of shooting and killing two people on Central Michigan University’s campus.

The school was put into lockdown, but is letting students leave.

Our crews caught students being bused over to a hotel, not allowed to return to campus.

It put several other area schools on lockdown as well.

The shooting happened Friday morning on the fourth floor of Campbell Hall.

Police are searching for suspected shooter James Davis Jr.

Central Michigan University says he killed his father, James Davis Sr., a police officer in Illinois, and his mother, Diva Davis.

MSP says he used his father’s gun.

The suspect was last seen wearing a black hoodie and mustard yellow pants, but police say he may have been shedding items of clothing since the shooting around 8:30.

Police, the governor and CMU’s president wrapped up a press conference a little after 4 p.m.

President George Ross expressed sympathy and touched on school safety.

“As we go through this process of understanding what happened, as we go throguh this process of learning from this to make our campus even safer. I spoke to a group of parents a little while ago. I did some hugs and we chatted, but it’s all about the safety of our community, and I’m here as the president of Central Michigan University to reinforce the fact that’s our number one priority,” said Ross.

Police say Davis was taken to a hospital Thursday night by campus police because of a drug-related issue — possibly an overdose.

We were able to talk to students as they were able to walk outside the building for the first time since the shooting.

“It’s eye opening, alarming and something needs to be done,” said Jeffrey Charles, who lives on the first flood of Campbell Hall.

Terrified students were able to walk outside of Campbell for the first time since shots were fired inside their building.

“It was quite shocking. This type of situation never happens and so it hear that gunshots and then two people were killed, it’s quite shocking and alarming,” explained Jeff.

A student on the fifth floor said she barricaded her door by using all of her furniture.

There was only one word to describe how she felt sitting in her room alone for hours.

“Terrifying. Honestly, someone had knocked on my door at one point but I didn’t move. I probably sat in the same spot for, probably, like, that first hour and a half. I refused to move, I didn’t know what to do,” said Allison Brookshier.

Students are still shaken up and anxious to head home to be with their families.

“I’ve always thought like, oh, that won’t happen to me. This won’t happen at my school, my school’s in the middle of Michigan and, like, it’s safe here. And now knowing how easy it was,” said Allison.

CMU police did post an update saying that students will be allowed into halls with CMU IDs, but we haven’t seen many students coming in to campus. Many are, of course, heading out.