Michigan Director of Talent, Economic Development Visits Traverse City

Following the announcement made by Governor Rick Snyder last week on what’s being called “The Marshall Plan for Talent,” the man leading the talent charge in the state was in Northern Michigan Thursday.

Roger Curtis took a tour of Traverse Bay Area Intermediate School District’s Career Tech Center and NMC to find out their best practices.

He said this plan will take a different look at education and how they develop talent and get people ready for jobs not only today, but in the future.

“Already have a great manufacturing base here in Traverse City. That’s kind of one of the unknown gems I think from around the state, some of the great entrepreneurs that are up here in the manufacturing area, you obviously have the hospitality industry and with tourism,” said Curtis, director of talent and economic development for Michigan.

Curtis also said there are a lot of opportunities up here for agriculture and technology as well.