Land Permit for New Ski Lodge At Hickory Hills Approved

“It’s one of the hurdles that we needed to accomplish to move forward with construction of the new lodge.”

A project several years in the making took another step toward completion in Garfield Township.

The Garfield Township planning commission voted to approve a special land use permit for the Hickory Hills ski area.

Hickory Hills has steadily been renovating its facilities in recent years.

One major project they’ve been working toward, a new ski lodge, which required the special permit.

Traverse City engineer Tim Lodge says it will still be awhile before construction starts, and the ark has its work cut out.

“I think we’re a little bit from breaking ground. We did hire a contractor, a construction manager to help us with costing of the project. We have to get a building permit to move forward, so the special use permit is really zoning related,” Lodge said.

Hickory Hills will also need to resolve load restrictions before bringing in heavy equipment for construction.