Potholes Pose Problems for Drivers In Sault Ste. Marie

Potholes are something Northern Michiganders are pretty used to navigating around this time of the year.

But people in Sault Ste. Marie say they are bracing for some of the worst potholes they’ve ever seen.

It follows a roller-coaster of fluctuating temperatures, including a record high yesterday.

“It’s a nightmare, there’s potholes everywhere, a lot of them are craters,” Sarah Sikora, said.

For Sarah, just driving around can be stressful.

“Half the time you have to get into oncoming traffic if you actually want to avoid bottoming out your vehicle,” she explained.

A lot of the roads have frequent cracks, big dips and pools of water.

All make up a for a bumpy and sometimes dangerous ride.

Veronica Lane says she used to take the scenic route to avoid it, but that’s no longer possible.

“People have been trying to take back roads and the back roads are now becoming bad roads so all the roads are not so spiffy now,” Veronica, said.

City Manager Oliver Turner says fixing roads is a priority.

“Street maintenance is absolutely a priority, its at the top of our mind. It’s something where people drive on the streets everyday, we wanted to make sure it is convenient and safe,” Turner, said.

Turner says street crews are already out patching.

“Each year is different but i would say that we are certainly ready for it, we have two day-time crews and we have one night-time crew that is out there addressing it on a daily basis,” Turner, explained.

Once the weather gets a little nicer for a longer period of time, the city says they will make more permanent fixes to make sure these potholes, don’t stick around for next year.