Northern Michigan in Focus: Best Friends Business

“There’s nobody else that I would do this with, no, not at all, I wouldn’t trust any other person to be a partner and to split everything,” said Amanda Addington.

Starting a business is hard, but when you do it with your best friend…

“We were already had enough wins and losses in our life and friendship that we know how to get through them. We’ve been friends since we’ve been 12,” said Amanda.

Melissa McGhee adds, “We’ve been through so many ups and downs.We can take on the world.”

So that’s what Amanda and Melissa are doing with their brand new business, The Craft House and Silent Photography in Reed City.

“I’ve never run a business before for a day in my life,” explained Amanda. “But we polled the community on Facebook and ask them what they would like to see come in to Reed City. They said no more clothes stores so we were like, ‘O.K., that’s not a problem.’ Then I was down to a used bookstore or a craft/hobby print place. In the craft hobby place was…”

“Overwhelming everybody. Everybody wanted it so. So that’s kind of the direction we went,” finished Melissa.

So with the craft house in the front, people wanted something else too.

“People comment and say, ‘Man, I just miss being able to walk in and get my pictures done,’” said Melissa.

Melissa took her passion for photography and started a studio, Silent Photography, where you can walk in off the street and get your portrait done.

“I love it, I just love every minute of doing photography. It’s not just the shooting, I love the shooting but I love the editing just as much. All of it is a creative process and I like that,” explained Melissa.

They’re taking this chance on more than just them.

“We wanted to bring something to this community that will involve the community. Craft nights where kids can come and do crafts, but also do adults craft night where parents can get a break,” said Melissa.

The Craft House and Silent Photography open house is this Saturday starting at 10 a.m. Go check them out and give two best friends the chance at a dream.

“Big adventure we are excited, really excited to do this, and scared, I won’t lie, I’m scared. You won’t get anywhere unless you try,” said Amanda.

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