Michigan Leads U.S. in Most Deadly Fires for 2018 So Far

Michigan is leading the nation for the most deadly fires since the first of the year.

Twenty-six people have died in Michigan fires, according to the State Fire Marshall’s office. Many of which happened here in Northern Michigan.

And while it may seem simple—making sure you have good and dependable smoke alarms is a huge factor in preventing these deaths.

Grand Traverse County has a free smoke alarm program for its residents.

“That’s our best preventative measure to make sure that if there is a fire that occurs that the people get out because literally you only have two to three minutes to exit,” says Chief Jim Tuller of the Traverse City Fire Department. “It’s not so much the flames, it’s the byproducts of the combustion all of the toxins.”

If you live in Grand Traverse County and want to know how you can take advantage of the free smoke alarm program, call the fire department at (231) 946-0230.