Saved By Strangers: Boyne City Man Recovering After Massive Heart Attack

“It makes you realize how precious every day is, how you want to savor it.”

A new outlook on life in his new home of Northern Michigan.

Mark McClure who is now recovering from a massive heart attack in Petoskey, says his new community saved his life.

The 57-year-old was running on a treadmill at the gym when he lost consciousness, collapsed and stopped breathing.

If it wasn’t for bystanders performing CPR and calling 911, he wouldn’t be here to tell his story.

“I sat down on the end of the treadmill and just collapsed,” Mark McClure said.

It’s something you can never prepare for.

“You never know when something like this can happen,” McClure, explained.

But lucky for Mark, people in the gym with him, were prepared.

“I’m one of the luckiest people in the world,” McClure, added.

When Mark collapsed, a man named Ben and other gym members rushed over and began resuscitating him.

“Ben knew right away, which was great it was the perfect person here at the time,” Mark DeLisle, explained.

DeLisle owns Center City Gym in Petoskey, he called 911.

“Our initial response was just get the equipment we needed to the gym, and do what we need to do,” Paramedic Dane Rasper, said.

Ivette Short, a Nurse Practitioner in McLaren Northern Michigan’s Emergency Department, says without a doubt Mark is alive and well today because of quick action from bystanders and paramedics.

“It’s a very scary situation, but those people in the field made the difference. He was in very critical condition,” Short, said.

Mark moved to Northern Michigan just two months ago.

Tammy Teach, his wife of 27 years, is living out of state while they shop for a home.

“This is the longest we been apart since we got married,” Teach, said.

She drove 6 hours from Appleton Wisconsin, expecting the worst when she arrived.

“When I first got here, they kind of prepared me and said it’s not good, and I knew,” Tammy, added.

His wife says the team of people saved two lives that day.

“I would say thank you from the bottom of my heart, because they didn’t only save him, but they saved me too, I didn’t know what I was going to do without him,” Tammy, explained.

Mark’s hoping his story inspires others to get CPR certified.

“You can’t underestimate the importance of CPR, if they hadn’t been there, if I had been out running on the road, I’d be dead,” McClure, said.