Jack’s Journal: Museum of Moses

In Missaukee County, just east of McBain, or south of beautiful downtown Falmouth, is Vogel Center: home to about 150 people and the Museum of Moses.

Kevin Moses, that is.

He passed away from cancer in 2010. A few years later, Moses’ mom and sister opened the museum, because he had collected everything.

“He was all about the American made thing.  Pretty much everything was Harley-Davidson,” said Karla Moses, Kevin’s sister. “He bought his first one when he was 19.  He was pretty much hooked from then on.  At the time of his death, there were 35 more in this or better condition. Ten of those have gone to a dealer in Australia.  He’s knows all the way around the world for his collection.”

Moses collected things that had meaning to him, like grandma’s cook stove, little things like knives and quilts, and, of course, Harleys.

Kevin Moses was bigger than life, and he lived it on his terms.

“When you went to visit at his house, if he had gotten in the tub he wouldn’t get out.  If you wanted to visit you had to sit in the bathroom and visit him in the tub,” said Karla.

The museum is open and admission free, but donations are accepted. Karla and mom opened the museum to celebrate the larger than life brother and son.

They think Moses would approve.  He had worried about his collection as the end neared. But nothing to worry about, family had his back.

“He always told me, ‘Mother, don’t try to please all of the people all of the time, because it won’t happen. Just be yourself and if that isn’t enough, it’s their problem, not yours,’” said Joan, Kevin’s mom.

The museum is in Vogel Center. Make plans to visit one of the great little destinations in the state.

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