Clare Superintendent Creates Viral Snow Day Announcement Videos

Clare Public Schools Superintendent Jim Walter has made several videos over the winter that help spread the word to families in the district about snow days.

And these videos have been getting plenty of attention on social media.

The idea for these videos came from a friend of Superintendent Walter’s as a way for his kids to help spread the word to their friends, who were always asking, is there going to be a snow day?

With a superb sense of humor and a vivid imagination, Clare superintendent Jim Walter is redefining what it means to announce there’s a snow day.

“I’ll think about a certain song or a television show that I like or our kids like, things of that nature, really we’re just trying to make people smile when we announce a snow day,” said Walter.

The first snow day announcement came with a Batman video and just kept going.

“It’s a lot of fun, it engages a lot of people, I’ve had staff members ask, our liaison officer and I have talked about doing them, we’ve talked about doing them with members of our business community too, there’s no reason we can’t continue to have fun working together on something as great as a snow day,” said Walter.

Some of the videos have been shared hundreds of times on social media, including the most recent one and students have taken notice.

“I love snow days, everyone loves snow days, but it was just an awesome way to announce it to the student body. It’s the best way because usually mom’s like, oh we got the call, but then you get on Facebook and you look for Mr. Walters videos,” said student Natalee Krause.

Mr. Walter says he’s got more ideas for snow day videos but hopes he doesn’t have to use them at least until next winter.

The district is now over their amount of snow days allowed by the state.