ArtPrize Works To Be Displayed On Mackinac Island Before Grand Rapids

Calling all artists from the Upper Peninsula!

With registration for ArtPrize 10 in Grand Rapids just around the corner, art councils in the Upper Peninsula want to make sure a wide range of art makes its way from up north.

So for the second time ever, your art will be featured on display on Mackinac Island just weeks before the show.

The art council will help move all the art to the island and then down to Grand Rapids for ArtPrize.

They hope the Yooper art will help show the rest of Michigan the beauty and culture of up north.

“We wanted to create a project that encouraged people to kind of continuing looking north and see as far as Mackinac, but there’s even more art and culture to experience beyond just this point,” Program Director Phillip Rice says.

Registration for ArtPrize begins in April. For more information on how to get your art on display, contact the Mackinac Arts Council.

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