Sault Area High School Principal On Paid Leave, District Investigating High School Operations

The principal at Sault Area High School is on paid leave and the district is investigating high school operations.

Carl McCready remains on non-disciplinary paid administrative leave.

The district won’t comment further on why they are investigation operations at the high school, but it does come after the high school went into lockdown multiple times over the course of a couple weeks.

We spoke with Superintendent Tim Hall about this matter. He only said he wants to emphasis that this is non-disciplinary and part of standard course of action.

He also said no timetable is in place for when their investigation will wrap up.

“We’ll conclude it when it reaches its natural conclusion.”

No time set for if, or when Principal McCready will return to school.

But following two lockdowns, one that led to the suspension of a student, Superintendent Hall said the district’s system of responding to threats worked how it should have.

“The system worked the way it was supposed to work, people heard something, the kids heard something and said something, law enforcement responded promptly,” explained Hall. “Unfortunately for our district, we are getting pretty good at investigating these things.”

As central office investigates high school operations, some parents are hoping whatever it is gets resolved quickly.

“Historically speaking, that communication — there’s been a break down,” said Jen Olmstead.

Olmstead, a parent who also works with students with behavioral problems, says it’s best for the school that McCready can return quickly.

“My experience with him has been awesome in that kids love him, parents, staff respect him and at the heart of everything, he’s always thinking of the kids’ safety his staff’s safety,” said Olmstead.

She’s hoping that the central office will investigate the entire district, and stays transparent through the process.

“Historically speaking, that communication — there’s been a breakdown, and I’m very optimistic that the board will be more diligent in holding all administration accountable and also themselves in making sure communication is happening in the proper ways that it should so you reduce fear,” explained Olmstead.

Superintendent Hall says transparency is their goal, but says there may be a small delay to ensure what they report to parents is accurate.

“We want to inform our parents, but we also want to make sure we are getting what’s accurate, what actually happened, and that doesn’t happen over a course of an hour, or even a day or two,” said Hall. “Once we are sure and confident that we have gotten all the information that is pertinent to a particular situation, we’ll get it out to parents and the community members.”

To address future potential threats, Superintendent Hall said they are adding additional lockdown practices and meeting with middle school and high school students this week to talk about the importance of speaking out if they hear anything threatening in or out of school.