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Hometown Tourist: Cindy’s Northern Crafts

Looking for a new hobby to take up? Many take up knitting during the winter months and fall in love with it to continue year round.

At in Petoskey you’ll find the yarn, the lessons and the community to take up a new hobby.

We take you there for Hometown Tourist.

Needles, spools of yarn and buttons galore are just some of what you’ll see when you walk into Cindy’s Northern Crafts.

It’s a colorful store full of inspiration for your next project and if you don’t know how, Cindy and her knitting crew can teach you

“I want them to feel very inspired by what we do. We do teach all levels, but probably about the age of seven and it can go anywhere on up. We’ve taught people in their eighties so it’s a great past time and very relaxing,” said Cindy Marovich, owner.

With yarn ranging from alpaca to cotton blends from around the world, a trip here will leave you wondering you could pick up and make on cold wintry days.

After spending some time here, you’ll find Cindy has a huge heart for her community too.

“This is a place where people can come and if they don’t have any friends, or they’re looking to make friends, or they’re looking at doing something they’ve never done, it’s a place that’s very comforting,” explained Marovich.

Here you’ll find gifts to bring home to a loved one, but they take in gifts here too.

Donations of knitted items are collected to give back to those that are sick or in appreciation to our military members.

“We give everything out we collect over the year. We’ve collected for children’s oncology units and we collect hats. It’s nice to know that we can give things like that and people will really, really enjoy them and can use them. It’s really nice and it makes you feel good that you did something for somebody,” said Marovich.