Vermont Teenager Prevents Planned School Shooting

A teenager in Vermont is accused of planning an attack on his former high school.

His arrest would not have been possible if one girl didn’t go to police.

Angela McDevitt met Jack Sawyer while at a treatment center for troubled teens and the two stayed in touch.

Vermont State Police say Sawyer wrote to McDevitt saying, “Just a few days ago, I was still plotting on shooting up my old high school.”

After seeing the deadly school shooting in Parkland, she knew she had to step up and say something.

“I texted him saying a school just got shot up and he answered saying, ‘That’s fantastic, I 100 percent support it.’ It’s not the matter of friendship if it’s about lives at hand. You need to do what you need to do,” McDevitt said.

According to the affidavit, when police interviewed Sawyer, he admitted he was planning a shooting at Fair Haven Union High School, and was partly inspired by Columbine.

He bought a shotgun a few days before.

Police say when they searched his car, they found the shotgun, ammunition, books on Columbine, a gas mask, a video recorder and a journal detailing his plan, titled “The Journal of an Active Shooter.”