Covenant Defense, Krav Maga Training At Northern Michigan Church

With all the recent threats and violent tragedies, many people are asking themselves what can we do?

Covenant Defense is a faith-based training organization that works with churches, schools and businesses with their main goal: to protect life.

“We’re training people to be protectors,” said founder and lead instructor, Colby Taylor.

Covenant Defense believes the most important people to positively impact a violent situation are the people right there.

“God bless the law enforcement and what they do but to put all the blame on them is not fair so we’re trying to teach people what to do in that interim when the event occurs and when law enforcement is able to arrive,” said Taylor. “What do they need to do because they’re going to be the most important people to affect the outcome.”

Which is why they conduct training programs like these.

But this week they brought in an expert on security and personal defense.

“How has Israel handled all of these situations like school shootings and church and synagogue shootings and so forth,” said Taylor. “How do they do they deal with it, their mindset is totally different.”

“You could say we teach martial arts but that wouldn’t be accurate, you can say we teach survival,” said Moshe Katz, instructor Israeli Krav International.

“When you hear a boom you run towards that sound, not away from it,” said Katz. “You run towards it, what can I do, how can I help, and what can I do about it.”

So he is teaching those in Northern Michigan Krav Maga.

“The physical part is only part of the solution,” said Katz. “The goal is to live our lives, be with your families, have a good life, to live a meaningful life; the physical self-defense is only part of the means to the end and the last resort.”

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