Bella the K-9 Joins Newaygo Police Department

Meet the newest member of the Newaygo Police Department.

This is Bella the K-9.

Bella came to the Newaygo Police Department after her previous owners gave her to West Michigan K-9 to find her a home with a police department.

She already had training in personal protection and the Newaygo Police got her at no charge.

Officer Troy Nelson grew up in Newaygo and had always wanted to be a K-9 officer.

That dream is now reality.

“I was pretty excited. We went down to check her out and weren’t quite sure what we were going to do yet. Went down to meet her and when I was told when we were going to get her I was really happy and especially excited when I was told I got the position,” said Nelson.

Bella comes to the Newaygo Police department at no cost and already with some training in private protection.

“They’re really expensive, and we’re a really small department, with really small police departments comes a small budget. If you look at statistics, a police department that has a K-9 it’s on an average statistically proven that it drops crime just by having the dog present,” said Chief Georgia Andres.

Bella will eventually be trained to sniff out narcotics and track humans. Stephen Parent of West Michigan K-9 says Bella is as good a dog as he’s seen.

“We’ve donated other dogs in the past to other departments and the experience from this one to the other one has been completely different.  She was a 10 in just about every area,” noted Parent.

Bella has already amassed a following on Instagram and will even have a beer named after her at the Newaygo Brewing Company, and will no doubt be a beautiful addition to the entire community.

“She’s really energetic, she’s bonded with me a little bit already where she likes to hang out. Now we have her and she can help me out in a lot of different ways,” said Nelson.

Bella should be fully trained by May.

The Chief of Police would also like to thank the community for their overwhelming support.

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