Northern Michigan in Focus: Picnic at the Opera

If you’re in Traverse City and looking for a fun place to have lunch on Wednesday’s, we might have something fun for you to do.

“It’s a picnic in the middle of February and it’s free,” said Miriam Picó Younce, host at Picnic at the Opera.

Every show production has about seven or eight guests that are involved in activities such as dancing, musicals, storytelling and magic.

“It gives them an opportunity to do something really creative and exciting, it’s just randomly in the middle of the day,” Miriam said.

There’s also a lot going on behind-the-scenes at the Opera House. All the audio is run by students from Northwestern Michigan College, providing the students with real world experience of composing and producing a show.

“It promotes the Opera House and the wonderful facilities here, it helps UpNorth, the T.V., to have some great content to promote what they do, and it also helps our department it gives our kids real world experience in the behind-the-scenes production of a show,” said David Chown.

Chown and Younce have co-hosted the variety show for six years.

There’s one more chance for you to experience the Picnic at the Opera House, next Wednesday.



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