Construction Adds New Heights to Raven Brewing & BBQ, Slows Traffic

Weather didn’t slow down traffic in Cadillac on Wednesday—construction did.

The Raven Brewing & BBQ made a major leap forward in its construction today as they began to install this outdoor, second-story balcony.

The restaurant says the balcony and its view will be an asset and give customers the ability to enjoy the raven while taking in the sights and sound of downtown Cadillac.

“This is probably the most significant thing I’ve done with the building,” says Chef and owner of the Raven, Connie Freiberg. “I have a couple different restaurants, the Blue Fish Kitchen in Manistee, the Blue Cow Café and Raven in Big Rapids. But this is the most dramatic change that we’ve made to a building as restauranters.”

The Raven is set to open later this year.

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