Icy Back Roads Cause Problems for Clare County Buses

Icy back roads are causing lots of problems for buses in Clare County.

The Harrison superintendent tells us a few of their buses, along with a Farwell bus got stuck in ditches Tuesday morning.

Thankfully, the school says everyone is O.K.

A Farwell school bus is stuck on Monroe Road in Clare County and they are trying to get it out.

The problem is likely caused by a solid sheet of ice on the road.

We have reached out to the Farwell superintendent but have not heard back.

The Harrison superintendent tells us a few of their buses also got stuck and arrangements were made for students to be picked up and taken to school.

Everyone on those buses are O.K.

Parents of Farwell students on the bus say they got a calls from kids that the bus went into the ditch.

Chad Michalski came to pick up his child and says he is now getting him medical attention.

They just want to know why there was still school with icy road conditions.

“It’s devastating to me, you know, he could have gotten seriously injured, if not dead. It’s the third bus that went into the ditch today. They shouldn’t have school. I knew last night the roads were too bad,” said Michalski.