Easling Pool Inside the Grand Traverse Civic Center Seeks Fundraising Help

The Friends of Easling Pool Group is a local citizen driven non-profit organization.

Their goal is to make sure the community has a quality pool at the Grand Traverse Civic Center.

They’ve already raised $500,000 but they’re still $125,000 away from their goal.

“The pool is 50 years old and has a lot of both physical, mechanical and cosmetic needs,” Bridget Thuente, President of Friends of Easling Pool.

“We had some pool experts come in last summer and help us figure out what exactly was needed in the infrastructure of the pool so were going to take care of a lot of the pool’s needs,” says Thuente.

That includes a new pool liner, decking, painting, lighting and a UV filtration system to freshen the water with less chlorine.

The pool is currently closed for repairs and now Bridget is looking to the community for help.

The community’s already stepped up with half a million dollars in donations for the Easling Pool but more is still needed.

“We would love everyone who’s been impacted by this pool over the last fifty years to step up and help us,” says Thuente.

But this campaign is more than just fixing up a pool, it’s about investing in community members so they can stay healthy and fit like routine swimmer, Jackie Anderson.

“This pool touches so many lives and I just think it would be a huge loss to everyone in our community if the pool wasn’t around for our kids and our grandkids,” says Anderson.

From aqua-aerobics to swimming lessons and coast guard training, the group says this pool is essential to the community.

If you’re interested in making a donation head to their Easling Pool Website.

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