Two MSU Extension Dairy Educators Provide Training Program In Puerto Rico

“It’s an opportunity to not only do our training but to build that collaborative effort that we have with them,” said Stan Moore.

Two Michigan State University Extension dairy educators traveling all the way to Puerto Rico.

While most people would travel to Puerto Rico for a vacation, these two traveled there to conduct a training program.

The program is intended to spark interest in the dairy industry and fill a need in Michigan.

“We provide them with training in regard to milking cows, feeding calves, animal handling and equipment safety,” said Phil Durst.

Phil Durst and Stan Moore are MSU Extension dairy educators and they recently got back from their fourth training session with the University of Puerto Rico.

“Really got interested in the whole area of how can we do a better job on farms and at the same time recognizing that employers do also need employees,” said Moore. “That’s a big need in Michigan agriculture.”

“Our project first of all recognizes that there is a need in Michigan and the extension is responding to that need and our project also is not saying well there aren’t workers in Michigan itself because certainly we want our employers to be looking for people in Michigan but as they look for people, they’re looking far and wide,” said Durst.

But their January visit was a different experience following the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

“The farm that we do our training on certainly experienced a fair amount of damage and mostly a loss in production was their biggest effect but just a few miles down the road they had lost everything,” said Moore.

“Farms were particularly hard hit by this hurricane whether they were cattle operations or whether they’re crop operations,” said Durst.

Their goal still, to provide potential employees for dairy farms in Michigan.

“We believe that there’s a great potential to expand this program down there and to continue to make it a success,” said Durst.