Isabella County Brothers Create Efficient Roofing Tools

Two Isabella County Brothers are changing the game for metal roof builders.

Howard and Gordon Moeggenborg created the Ridgerunner 3:10 and Ridgemate.

Both tools accurately punch holes through metal panels used to build roofs, all while on the ground.

“I was helping my brother roof his daughter’s house. I laid there for about 20 minutes and I thought I better get up and draw some pictures,” says Howard Moeggenborg, creator.

It was an idea that came to Howard Moeggenborg in his sleep four years ago, 3:10 in the morning to be exact.

“The Ridgerunner 3:10 is a system that punches holes in a roof, but you’re standing on the ground,” says Moeggenborg.

He says it’s safer, faster and more accurate.

“I had a lot of help, kept having to prototype and this probably number 16 on prototypes,” says Moeggenborg.

First line it up, then you take a hammer and hit the pins. Then extend it out and grab the spacer and that will perfectly measure it.

But the inventions didn’t stop there.

“We came up with the Ridgemate, which is a tool that we put on the ridge cap and punch holes in the cap on the roof, but it lines everything up very straight so you have the same hole,” says Gordon Moeggenborg, creator.

The tools can punch through six sheets of metal.

Once again, the concept of being on the ground makes it safer for workers.

“The roofing industry is interesting profession to be in as far as injuries. We are trying to make that better so there are fewer injuries, less fatigue and better work retention,” says Gordon Moeggenborg.

The tools are for sale and the brothers have been taking them to builder conferences.

They want to thank the Central Michigan University Research Cooperation for helping them get the idea off the ground.

“I’m always excited when entrepreneurs bring an idea to life and these people really had he motivation and drive to do it,” says Erin Strang, President of CMURC.

Howard Moeggenborg added, “he has helped me a lot and I hope I’ve helped him and get to work with your brother it’s always a good day.”