(dis)ABLED BEAUTY Exhibit Brings Beauty, Disability and Ability Together at Central Michigan University


A new exhibit at Central Michigan University is encouraging people to think differently about disabilities.

It’s called “(dis)ABLED Beauty.”

Its goal is to show people that assistive devices like hearing aids and wheelchairs can be both important and beautiful.

The evolution of beauty, disability and ability is the main focus at this exhibit.

They are showcasing innovate designs, prosthetics, and even clothes that make life a little easier for people who live life differently than we do.

They are aiming to make a statement about de-stigmatizing disability.

“I’ve always felt like my hearing loss is a part of who I am,” says Stacey Lim.

Stacey was born with hearing loss.

She now she shows off her purple, sparkly hearing aid like the ones shown at this exhibit

“When I was an adult it was the first time for me to get a hearing aid that was purple. It made me excited that I could have something colorful and more expressive of who I am,” Lim says.

She helped bring the exhibit to CMU, allowing artists like Tiffany to incorporate what some see as disabilities into beautiful works of art.

“We took a canvas and created a life size ballerina and then incorporated a prosthetic so it appears that the ballerina is missing a limb,” says Tiffany Griffiths.

Tiffany’s dream?

“I just hope that they can see that they are just as abled as anyone else and missing a limb doesn’t hold them back from anything,” says Griffiths.

Anything includes Halloween! A father built a dragon costume for his son who’s in a wheelchair.

There are also even clothes made specifically for life on two wheels.

“A pair of jeans that are pinned to the board don’t have pockets on the back and bottom because it can create sores so sitting most of the time can create friction and that can produce sores,” says Brittany Fremino.

All part of the exhibit CMU Professor Brittany Fremino says is something everyone should experience.

Come see the exhibit to understand what life is like through another set of eyes

The exhibit will be at the CMU Clarke Historical Library until August.


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