St. Ignace Businesses See a Boost from Pond Hockey Championship

With thousands of people coming to town, watching hockey and spending time in St. Ignace, local businesses get a much needed boost.

“It practically doubled if not more, it was really nice to see so many people,” Andrew Eskelinen said.

Andrew Eskelinen is the facilitator of Harbor Hope Coffee, a nonprofit coffee shop downtown.

He says events like the Pond Hockey Championship help shine a light on the community.

“Talking to different people they just love the town, the people are really special here, everybody in this town is just so amazing,” Eskelinen added.

Throughout the town, signs welcoming the pond hockey players can be seen on business fronts, like MI Patio Bar & Grill.

Just down the street from Moran Bay, the pub says it’s a weekend they mark in their calendars.

“You know this time of the year is pretty slow for most of the service industry, so when you get a big group of people that come in, it really helps this time of the year when we are normally slow,” Bartender Andrew Dixon said.

Dixon says sales have skyrocketed since the beginning of the tournament.

“It’s really increased the sales probably 10 times what we would do on a normal day this time of year, so it’s been really good,” Dixon explained.

Now 12 years a tradition, he’s hoping the event continues to grow for years to come.

“We love it and we want everybody to come back and bring everybody else and all their friends next year, bring more people, make it bigger,” Dixon added.