12th Annual Labatt Blue U.P. Pond Hockey Championship Comes to a Close

In the final day on Moran Bay, winning teams took the ice on Sunday, closing out the Labatt Blue U.P. Pond Hockey Championship.

The weekend brought 180 teams from 2 countries to the Straits for a chance to take home the Labatt Trophy.

Action was brought back to the bay this year as the chilly temperatures made the ice safe to play on.

Teams of all ages participated and were divided by skill level.

In the Men’s 21+ Championship game, a team from southeast Michigan took the victory over a squad from the Soo.

“It’s a beautiful area, most of us haven’t played pond hockey like this yet, so it was good experience and definitely have to do it in the next couple years,” Champion Dirk Thur said.

Money raised from the event goes to the St. Ignace Youth Hockey Organization.