Leelanau Co. Non-Profit Building Outward To Expand Affordable Housing

“Key word is local. Absolutely. As best as we can.”

Thanks to a landowner and a local non-profit, a Leelanau County community is about to get an additional boost of affordable housing.

It started with an idea in the small village of Northport.

A board member by the name of Bill Collins of Leelanau “REACH” — or Resources for Economical and Accessible Community Housing — had the solution to bring in more employee housing.

Collins donated this parcel of land off of M-22, himself.

The land is big enough to build four homes, each worth $159,000.

Board members now plan to raise $60,000, themselves, to make it happen.

“It’s really an impact throughout all of Leelanau County, and that is as housing prices have risen dramatically over the last few years, we’re finding that housing and new homes, in particular, is being crowded out for our local workforce,” says Chris Frey, REACH member and volunteer project manager of the Northport project.

REACH volunteers say they are also relying on a contractor from Suttons Bay.

Around $600,000 will be available from REACH’s Opportunity Fund.