Gun Control Debate Heats Up Again Following Mass School Shooting in Florida

There has been no question that something needs to be done to prevent mass shootings, but opinions on what that is vary widely.

Gun control and mental health awareness have been debated topics for years, but following another mass shooting in Florida this week the debate has heated up again.

“It causes me to question what’s happening in society that’s caused these type of things to happen,” said Representative Triston Cole, (R-MI) 105th District.

Many people now speaking up for change.

The head of the Grand Traverse Democrats saying it’s time for the country to have a serious conversation about responsible gun ownership.

“We need to get our leaders engaged, that they really want to use the word gun and address the actual issue of these automatic weapons,” explained Chris Cracchiolo, Grand Traverse Democrats chair.

Republican state Representative Triston Cole says simply banning certain firearms won’t get us anywhere.

“Because law abiding citizens, they’re always going to follow the laws and those bent on nefarious activities and cruel wicked things to other people are going to find a way to do those things,” explained Representative Cole.

Many though are still at a loss.

“We have the Second Amendment and in Michigan, especially Northern Michigan, gun rights are very important. We have hunters, and I don’t think we should restrict their access to weapons, but we’ve gotta get some common sense out there at some point,” said Aaron Schrug from Traverse City.

Another Traverse City resident, Matt Morse said, “I know there’s not one good way to stop it or one good way to control it. It’s just finding the right way to take it to a point where it’s not going to affect lives being lost anymore.”

No matter what side of the topic you are on, everyone can agree that something has to be done so no more innocent lives are lost.