Sault Ste. Marie School District Reconfiguration Plan Passes With Parent Disapproval

The Sault Sainte Marie School Board passed the district’s reconfiguration plan.

This is a story 9&10 News has been following for the past couple of months.

When the vote was taken, five board members were for it and two were against. Parents spoke out against the proposed plan again on Monday night.

Parent Jen Olmstead, who spoke at Monday’s meeting, says she believes these changes will actually reduce enrollment even more.

“I know families personally and professionally already made the decision to pull their children for the 2018-2019 school year, and some over Christmas break already pulled their children,” she says.

Other parents 9&10 News talked to said their fight is not yet over. They may petition a recall against the school board due to the vote.

The plan moves kindergarten and first-graders to one school, and grades second through fourth to another. Fifth through eighth grades will be in the middle school, and Malcolm High students will be moved to Soo Township.

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