Cadillac Man’s Car Catches on Fire While Traveling on the Highway

A Cadillac man is OK Sunday after his car lit on fire while driving down U.S. 131 near exit 176.

Firefighters extinguished the last of the flames from the man’s minivan after it was fully engulfed.

It happened around 4:30 p.m. Sunday afternoon.

The driver of the minivan, Dane, was driving back to work when his boss, following him on the highway in a truck, called him to tell him there was a fire in the back of the minivan.

Both cars immediately got off at exit 176.

Dane was able to get out of his car before it was fully engulfed.

Lieutenant VanDyk from the Cadillac Fire Department tells us the cause of the fire is still unknown, and Dane, the driver, is unharmed.