Multiple Arrested After Stolen Items Found In Clare And Gladwin County Homes

Seven people were arrested after Clare County deputies tell us they stole thousands of dollars’ worth of items.

Deputies say the investigation started Wednesday, when a man drove away from them in a stolen car.

Inside the car, deputies found stolen items but this led them to find even more at homes in Hamilton Township and Gladwin.

“Through the information we got from that arrest, we were able to get three search warrants for a house in Gladwin County and two houses in Clare County, and we searched and found stolen property, property that was illegally obtained and drugs,” says Sheriff John Wilson.

One person from each of the two Clare County homes, and four people from the Gladwin County home, were arrested.

The sheriff says the stolen items are from fraud purchases at businesses throughout eight different counties.

“Most of the property was obtained from fraudulent activities off a checking account that was closed. He bought items like generators, chain saws, things that he could probably turn around and sell again and they were at all of these three different locations,” says Wilson.

People living in Hamilton Township were upset to hear this was happening.

“To be ripped off, you know there should be nothing like that happening around here. I hope that all of the people get together and keep an eye out for one another and report anything they see in the day or night. Just call the police,” says Ron Packwood.

The sheriff says at this time they don’t believe there are any other suspects.

“This involved multiple agencies working together, BAYANET, Michigan State Police, Clare County, Isabella, Gladwin, we all worked together on this, because it was all in different jurisdictions and it all rolled out good,” says Wilson.

All seven people are expected to be arraigned next week.






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