Oakbridge Inn Of Clare Shutting Down

A place for those in need is now shutting down and leaving dozens without a home.

The Oakbridge Inn is a nonprofit that began about three years ago.

It’s been a place where veterans, parolees and the homeless can come stay and have a meal.

Currently the nonprofit leases the building out.

But the building’s owner is retiring and sold it.

Residents were given a 30 day notice.

“We are sad that we have to put the people out,” says Jon Turner, director.

Directors of the Oakbridge Inn have been leasing the building for three years.

They couldn’t afford to buy the building themselves.

“I have been here since September. Some of the homeless like myself, we have been out on the streets so this place gave us a warm place to stay and they feed us one meal a day, if you want to eat, so it’s a good thing going here,” says Fred Orum, veteran.

Other veterans and those living at the Inn like Fred, were shocked to receive the notice.

They are sad and worried to see the place close.

“It’s not only just the vets, they have a parolee program here, they are trying to help them get out their feet and get them jobs and try to help them along with the homeless, so it’s three programs here,” says Jason Blai.

Directors of the nonprofit say it isn’t anyone’s fault, but now they are working with Mid-Michigan Community Action and Veteran Affairs to help find everyone homes.

“The representatives have been here the last couple of days, Mid-Michigan assistance has been here, so everyone is trying to help who can help,” says Orum.

Turner added, “we hope we find housing for everyone that is here. We’re concerned about the people that are here. We wouldn’t have been doing what we were doing, if we hadn’t been concerned.”

Oakbridge’s directors say they are taking things one day at a time and will continue to help support their residents as best they can.

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