Global Manufacturer Finds New Home in Otsego County, Promises 100+ New Jobs

A global company is bringing manufacturing back to the United States and setting up shop in Northern Michigan.

Troy-based NAI-Group announced plans to expand its operations and they are investing more than $2 million in a new plant near downtown Gaylord.

“We as well as our customers have a strong desire to have a U.S. presence for manufacturing,” Marketing Consultant Steven Bork, said.

Mexico, China and now Northern Michigan, global telecom manufacturer NAI has found a new home for its manufacturing in Otsego County.

“While other companies have tried and failed in Michigan we have a strong record of success and credibility doing this throughout the world,” Bork, added.

Marketing Consultant Steven Bork says the company picked Gaylord ahead of other locations in Indiana and Illinois.

“We really like the attributes of the Gaylord community, it was desirable, attractive to us, we are looking for a solid base for employment and access to talent,” Bork, explained.

A solid base needed for the more than 130 jobs they expect to bring to Northern Michigan, a big win for communities like Livingston Township.

“We had a building, we had the property, there’s a lot of unique things with gaylord with our transportation, the airport, the university, the hospital, and the perfect place to find people to work,” Livingston Township Supervisor Norm Brecheisen, said.

He believes this could open the door for future development in the county.

“This is a global company and this is a wonderful investment and I think when we are all said and done the sky’s the limit for what we can do with partnerships with these folks and businesses like them,” Brecheisen, added.

NAI says they will add 40 jobs by spring and close to 100 more by 2019.

The new facility is now under renovation and will be ready for production in June.