Northern Michigan Vape Shop Joins Lawsuit Against FDA

A northern Michigan vape shop is one of four across the country suing the FDA.

Moose Jooce in the towns of Lake and Houghton Lake is suing the FDA over regulations they say are in violation of their First Amendment rights.

It centers on FDA regulations that put e-cigarettes into the same category as tobacco products.

Kimberly Shilling Manor opened Moose Jooce after she quit smoking by turning to vaping.

It came after years of smoking and losing her husband to lung cancer.

But she says the FDA is preventing her from helping other people do the same.

“We are not allowed to tell you this is safer than smoking even though there are thousands of studies proving that it is. I’m not allowed to make any modifications to anything. I’m not allowed to do that because every time I do that they say I’m making a new tobacco product,” said Shilling Manor.

The lawsuits have been filled in U.S. District Courts in D.C. Texas and Minnesota. Kimberly says for her, this about so much more.

“Yes, I think there should be some regulation. You should know what you’re vaping on ingredients, things like that, but I also want the freedom to tell my customers that yes, it is safer for you and I want them to leave here feeling like an expert,” said Kimberly.

And she says she’ll keeping fighting to be able to do that.

“It saved my life and it’s going to save so many others. I was a two and a half pack a day smoker and I didn’t think I could ever quit, and to me this is a miracle and it’s saving so many people and I just can’t quit that,” said Kimberly.

We did reach out to the FDA for comment, they told they don’t comment on possible, pending or ongoing litigation.