Lt. Gov. Calley Visits Small Businesses in Clare

Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley stopped by some small businesses in Northern Michigan Friday.

Calley spent time in Clare looking to get insight on how Michigan’s government can help local businesses.

Friday he dropped by the Doherty Hotel, Cops and Doughnuts and JD Metal Works.

He tells us in the future he plans on attending local town halls and meetings with community leaders.

We met up with him today at JD Metalworks to get his take on small businesses across the state.

“I’m visiting with several small businesses across this area and we are talking about all kinds of things in terms of talent development what the challenges are.  Where the business opportunities are and the things we can do to make Michigan even stronger,” said Calley.

Lieutenant Governor Calley is running for governor this November and plans to make several other stops around the state in the coming months.