Grand Traverse Co. Board Re-Approve Firm For Administrator Search

“I think it should take the time it takes. It could take a year.”

Grand Traverse County commissioners were back at it Wednesday night, starting the process to fill the position of county administrator again.

Former county administrator Vicki Uppal resigned suddenly due to private family issues earlier in January.

The board unanimously voted to work once again with Gov-HR to track down a field of candidates.

This time, the board requested some parameters, including the ability to see all of the candidates’ throughout the process.

They also voted to increase the salary, which now ranges between $120,000 and $145,000.

Finally, they plan on using a new interview process which includes the community’s input over several days.

“All seven of us need to be completely involved in talking, in-depth, to these candidates, and inviting the community leaders that we would like to see to the community forum,” says Carol Crawford, chairwoman.

“It is as important as the president of the hospital,” Dr. Dan Lathrop, commissioner. “We have to get it right this time.”

Commissioners say they could talk further at next week’s meeting about the status of the interim position, or at a special meeting on February 14.