Dangers of Garbage Burning Heightened With Cold Northern Michigan Temps

With multiple ways to recycle and get rid of your garbage in Northern Michigan, public works officials want to bring light to the dangers of burning trash.

It’s only a small number of people who partake in backyard trash burning but the impact is huge.

According to Emmet County Recycling, when trash is burned it releases toxic chemicals up in the air, and when those come down it can be consumed by livestock and enter the food chain.

Some people think of it as a way for trash to avoid landfills, but it’s even worse for the land and those dangers are even more present in cold months.

“Cooler air gets trapped near the surface of the earth and that will trap in that smoke, instead of it disappointing and being invisible you get this smoke hanging in the air,” Emmet County Recycling Communication Coordinator Kate Melby, explained.

To find how you can safely and properly dispose of your waste you can contact your local township or county.