Empire Community Helping Those In Need With Emergency Fund

“It’s their neighbors, it’s everyone, it’s this community that’s giving,” said Linda Payment, president of Empire Area Community Center.

Free concerts, a small donation and a huge reward.

Since 2012, the Empire Area Community Center has been helping people right in their community during times of need with what the village calls the “emergency fund.”

“Something in their life has gone wrong, said Payment. “They need a little temporary assistance just to get them back on their feet again.”

And that’s where the Empire Area Community Emergency Fund comes in.

“We are so proud that we were able to help 31 families and we were able to help them in the amount of just under $26,000,” said Payment.

In just one year.

On the last Sunday of every month, a free concert is held at different places throughout the community.

“It’s nice, we like to be involved,” said owner of Lake Ann Brewing Co., Matt Therrien. “We’re a small town we like to be involved in the community. We give back 20 percent of our sales for the day to a certain group or charity; and they approached us last year to do it and it was a nice turn out and so we did it, so we’re going to do another one this year.”

With the money raised, they are able to help people in their own community and it’s anonymous.

“We’ve helped people with mortgage payments or rent payments, we’ve helped some people with some hospital bills, we’ve even repaired refrigerators,” said Payment.

The first year giving out $1,000…now almost $26,000 each year.

“It’s probably the only charity that you can give to, where every dime goes to help people in need,” said Payment “And they’re our neighbors, they’re people here in our community.”

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