Dozens Walk in Hopes to Break The Silence Surrounding Janette Roberson’s Death

“It’s like a book that’s not finished being written.”

It’s been 35 years since Janette Roberson was found brutally murdered, and the effort of those close to her to find answers is still going strong.

Janette’s family, along with concerned community members walked the streets of downtown Reed City for the fifth year, in an effort to encourage someone to break their silence.

On January 19, 1983, Janette Roberson was found brutally murdered in the basement of what is now Reed City Hardware.

Although decades have passed, loved ones say they are still fighting for justice for Janette.

Her family says they’re concerned police have recently taken a step back from the investigation.

“You hope that it’ll get solved, you hope, let’s bring attention to this, in a year or two it’s going to be solved, and as time goes on it gets harder and harder and sometimes you just don’t want to think about it anymore,” Janette’s niece, Elena Cavendar said.

“It’s actually a little worse because we lost our cold case team that was working on the three unsolved murders that they chose to work on. And we have nobody now,” Lana Jarvie, Janette’s sister said.

Join us Wednesday on “the four” when we’ll take an inside look at this family’s grieving process after being left with so few answers.

If you have any information, contact the Reed City Police Department at (231) 832-3743.