Wexford Co. New 911 Dispatch Service Early Projections: ‘Let’s Not Panic Yet’

It’s the first year for the new and improved Wexford County 911 Dispatch service and it’s all local, but some budget issues might be cropping up.

Wexford County commissioners say early projections show that a surcharge for services isn’t bringing back as much money as expected.

The board created the new 911 Department and its advisory board last July, and voters approved the surcharge in November.

911 director Duane Alworden says at first look, revenue is about $100,000 less than expected, but the director says it’s too early to be worried.

“We are still in the process of learning ness and seeing what we are going to get in our surcharges,” Alworden says. “Everything is a projection yet. Let’s not panic yet. We are still in the pretty early stages of this.”

The 911 director says the board will have a better understanding of where the budget stands by next year.