Disappointing Weather Conditions Delays Lake Charlevoix Ice Boat Racing

Disappointing weather conditions put a stop to ice boat racing for the second time, but that didn’t stop the racers from having fun.

A lively scene on Lake Charlevoix as ice boaters from all over the world gathered to race.

More than 90 participants registered for the race, coming from more than ten states, and even countries as far as Germany and Sweden.

Lake Charlevoix was chosen by the Detroit News Ice Yacht Racing Association for their Central Region North American Championship.

The decision to hold the race on Lake Charlevoix came after weather conditions prevented the event from happening in New Hampshire.

Racers say they look for only the best ice for the championship.

“A lot of this event is social. Today is a more social day. I’m ready though. We’ll be here at ten o’clock tomorrow morning, whether we do racing today or not,” said Loretta Rehe, race scorer committee member.

The racers will be back on the ice for a second day of racing Friday.

The highest scorers of this championship prequalify for the world competition.

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