Crews Investigating Deadly Structure Fire In Grand Traverse Co.

One person was found dead in Grand Traverse County after a building went up in flames.

Investigators are now trying to find out what started the fire and how the person died.

It happened around 4 Thursday morning on Greenwich Lane in Garfield Township.

The person who lived there was found dead once crews had the fire under control.

Fire crews tell us they are trying to find where the fire started and are making sure there wasn’t anyone else inside.

The building was a garage with an apartment upstairs, and that’s where the person who died was living.

When crews arrived to the scene, they say the building was consumed in flames coming out of the roof and windows.

The sheriff’s office says when they arrived they saw a person through a window on the second floor.

They say they tried to use a ladder to save the person, but we’re not able to get to because of the extreme conditions.

A body was found a short time later.

The Grand Traverse Metro Fire chief says an autopsy will be done and then they will be able to identify the victim.

For now they are still investigating.

“We’re just locking the pieces up one at a time, trying to figure out where the origin of the fire is, the cause of the fire and if we have any more victims besides the one,” said Chief Pat Parker.

The chief tells us Keystone Road is now open, but emergency vehicles are still around, so please be careful.