Committed to Guatemala: Learning About Local Schools

Courtney Hunter and photojournalist Jeff Blakeman are halfway through their trip to Guatemala.

Over the course of this week, Courtney and Jeff are following an incredible team of doctors, nurses and volunteers from Northern Michigan as they work to bring medical care to these villages.

Courtney introduces us to some really cool kids and explains how schools in Northern Michigan will be working with them.

The team is at a village called Que Late learning a little bit about their school systems.

A little bit of what they’ve learned about the local school system is that little girls only make it to third grade and a lot of the little boys only make it to ninth, because they have a lot of really important responsibilities that they need to get to to help with their families, to help survive.

A teacher from Leland Public Schools, Kelsey LaCross, is on the mission trip right now. She’s trying to foster a relationship to have a kind of a sister school down in Guatemala.

Be sure to tune in for a special report in a couple of weeks about Senora LaCross, her work in Guatemala, how they are going to build that partnership and what that means to her.

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