Windy Ridge Farms Helps Train Dogs Against Winter Blues

Just like humans can get tired of being cooped up in the winter – dogs can too.

Dogs might have more energy in the winter that they don’t quite know what to do with.

Sandy Misaras, owner of Windy Ridge Farm, explains wearing dogs out mentally is more important than wearing dogs out physically.

For example, taking your dog on a five mile walk is not how you should try to make your dog tired.

Instead, Misaras explains, you should have your dog repeatedly sit and stay, or, have your dog repeatedly pick up an item like a collar or slipper.

When training your dog to sit and stay, Misaras says to designate a towel, pillow, or blanket for him or her to sit on.

The dog will associate the item with sitting and will be learn the trick faster.

Another common problem Misaras sees when training dogs is that they pull their leash while walking far ahead from their owner during a walk.

To avoid this problem, Misaras says to walk with your dog on a leash in the living room.

The idea is to steer them in the right direction while in a small space so walking in a larger space will be easier.

For more information about Windy Ridge Farm click here, or contact Sandy Misaras at 231-920-0418.

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