Committed to Guatemala: Medical Mission Volunteers Arrive

Back in October, we first brought you to Guatemala to show you the important work Munson is doing to help families in remote villages.

This week Munson is back with a team of doctors, nurses and volunteers to help Guatemalans get medical treatment.

Courtney Hunter and Jeff Blakeman will be following the group along, showcasing their impact.

Monday was the first day for the team to hit the ground running to help the people of Guatemala.

The majority of the volunteers on this trip are doctors, nurses and some teachers from the Northern Michigan area.

John Cox, director of surgical services at Munson, has been a big part of organizing the trip.

John says this is the third medical trip to the area for this group.

“This time we are going to where we’ve been going the last two year. El Carmen is the village, and were going to be adding a new village that’s in the same situation El Carmen was a year ago. They have no access to medical care, so no doctors, no nurses, no medications. So San Carlos is the community that we’ve been invited into and, again, a very similar situation. We really don’t know what we are going to have facility wise or set up wise. We will be spending two days in El Carmen and the following two days in San Carlos,” explained John.

Stay with 9&10 News throughout the week for more on the group’s mission trip.