Marion Couple Wins Lottery Three Times

A Marion couple, now three-time lottery winners this year.

They chalk it up to some good karma.

It all started New Year’s Eve when Steven and Donna Stone of Marion bought a lottery ticket and won $5,000.

They bought another one the next day and won $50,000.

Then they took home $5,000 again the past Friday.

But the couple says this isn’t luck.

“All of the good things we have done, I felt like its karma,” says Steven Stone.

Steven and Donna were married a little more than a year ago.

But their first year of marriage was anything but easy.

“Appliances, refrigerator, the washer, the dryer, and the roof started leaking, we had car accidents. I had a botched surgery on my knee and I was sick for a while. It was just one thing after another,” says Donna Stone.

That’s when the two started to have garage sales to make some extra money to help cover bills.

They say through that, they realized they had too much stuff and decided to start donating it.

“We take furniture to people and dishes to people,” says Donna Stone.

Ashley Chase owns Buckey’s Diner in Marion, she say they helped her family.

“They helped my father out. He’s a disabled veteran and he has been kind of bed ridden for a while, so we have been looking for some furniture to update his living room. He had seen that I was looking for a few things and they were so kind to give my dad a new sofa and end tables for his living room,” says Chase.

Then Steven decided to buy a lottery ticket on New Year’s Eve.

“We bought a ticket and we hit $5,000 and it just kept getting better and it progressed and then it was $50,500.  And the karma for giving and helping people just progressed and kept coming back at me,” says Steven.

Just Friday, Steven and Donna won another $5,000.

“I still gave back to the community, we are donating to St. Jude cancer fund,” says Steven Stone.

The couple has saved money to fix up their home and is still giving back to the Marion community.

“I think it’s great, they are good people and they are doing the right thing,” says Chase.

Donna Stone added, “it would be wrong to keep it all to ourselves especially when you live in a community in need, if you get blessed, you have to extend a hand.”

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