Expert’s Preview: Detroit North American International Auto Show

Never before seen cars and concept designs are at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

9&10 News previewed the technology with Automotive Expert Nik Miles, who shared which technical advancements are impressing him the most.

The fleet of autonomous, self-driving cars we envision for the future still a few years down the pipeline, but you can see the tech making its way into all the new models.

The biggest chunk of the auto sales pie in 2018 will come from truck and SUV sales, which are increasing with low fuel costs. And they’re packing amenities you might expect to find in a luxury passenger sedan—eye catching displays, built in Wi-Fi with range and even reclining rear seats.

Ford made headlines with its relaunch of the iconic Ranger, but our expert’s pick comes from Dodge.

Flashy new compact cars have attracted attention as well, featuring state of the art innovations in luxury, safety and technology.

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