Rep. Triston Cole Fields Questions From Constituents, Continues District-Wide Tour

With 2017 in the rear-view politicians across Northern Michigan are looking towards the future.

105th District State Representative Triston Cole is touring his district asking what people living in Northern Michigan are most concerned about.

“I feel it’s important to be transparent to what’s happening to state government, what I’m doing as a representative for this area and be accountable back to the voters and back to the constituents,” Rep. Cole, said.

The 105th district spans a large area and with that, a diverse group of people with varying concerns.

It’s part of the reason why Rep. Cole is taking time to listen.

For Ellsworth area veteran Jerry Evans, meetings like this one are extremely helpful.

“There’s an awful lot of questions and everybody sees them differently, so we got to get it out to him, so he understands what his constituents are looking for,” Evans, explained.

Constituents on Saturday were looking for solutions to aging infrastructure, and a lot of the time were voicing their disdain for auto no-fault insurance.

Cole says that has been a common theme from many of the people he’s spoken with.

“It’s the number one issue with constituents that hits everyone, nearly every month. This is something, I’m not going to give up on, I’m going to continue to work on,” Rep. Cole, said.

The representative says it’s the info from meetings like these that he brings with him down to Lansing.

“We’re working hard to make sure we listen and then follow through on our wishes of our constituents and continue to make Michigan the best place that we can.

Representative Cole will continue his tour on January 26th in Oscoda County.